Do you need to develop a test and you do not have any clues?

Test Development: Fundamentals for Certification and EvaluationTest Development: Fundamentals for Certification and Evaluation by Melissa Fein
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if you need to write a test or a certification exam, this is the book that you need.
Before to discover it I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for papers, websites and other sources and I ended up to read loads of different documents.
This book has everything you need in a single place. Really useful and immediate.
It has a perfect balance between theory and practice.
In the last chapter, it even guides you, step-by-step, in the creation o Excel statistical reposts to measure the validity of your tests.

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From infinite boredom to infinite jest

Is your slide deck heavy and full of jargons? Are you the master of passive verb sentences?

Are you sure that you want to bore your poor attendees?

If the answer, at least for this last statement, is no you will find this presentation useful.

I found in it really cool and effective suggestions!

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